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This beautiful creature of a man, It was he who in my baby days hunted For my food and watched over me with eyes of a hawk Like a lioness would her cubs. He was the ground on which I trod My first steps and the hands that guided my tender Feet from falling. It was from his sides that the clay With which I was made was excavated. It was he who showed me the ways of a true daughter; He taught me strength, braveness and pride In my sex in this world of domineering men; It was through his eyes that I came to Appreciate the perkiness of my breasts And the curve in my hips; He was the one who taught me that I am The fuel of the family and its life, He made me see the beauty in all this And frankly, I was contented with it.
Her womb carried me for nine moons And amidst pain, she bore me into existence, Her breasts fed me in my infant days and her Serenading voiced lulled me to sweet calmness in sleep When the night’s unruly nuisance deprived me of peace And rendered me insomniac. …



When we were born,
we had sceptres in our hands,
Crowns on our heads,
Gold running through our veins and planets under our feet.
Our birth defined royalty
For it was only
Until then that the world
Knew Kings.
Everything; every being,
every entity was to make
obeisance unto us;
They ARE meant to worship us.

But then, wise as we were,
we found us a different purpose,
Better than that of The Father.
We thought the counsel of
a notorious subject
Better than the gifts of Our Father
Hence, we ditched Him
and went our own way;
Embarked on this journey that for countless ages,
We are yet to arrive at our destination.
Even though Father's
heart was broken,
He still let us go with the gifts
we were born with.
He gave us clothes
to cover our shame
and protect us from
the cold and harsh weather,
A kiss of good wishes, and
The will to return to his arms
Whenever we became weary
From our journey.

And so it came to be that
the destination
The notorious subject
told us of -whic…