Tomorrow, distant as the moon yet close as a cloth to the skin;
Bright and crystal clear yet dark and blurry;
Bearer of answers to puzzles yet a mystifier of mysteries.
Tomorrow creeps on us ominously as today dies away
Yet tomorrow bears hope.

When tomorrow comes, I'll be a better father to my children.
I'll takes my boys on a boat and teach them their grandfather's art: how to fish.
I'll teach them to talk in their father's tongue and the ways of a man.
I will show my boys the ways of confidence as timidity is not the way of our people.
I'll amend ways with my boys and let them know that I am their father.
Tomorrow... Tomorrow, I'll be a better father.

When the cock crows tomorrow, I'll learn to love.
I'll learn to get used to the idea of both of us being together.
I'll learn to trust you and be genuinely happy around you.
Tomorrow I will learn to call you "father" and say "I love you".
When the moon is weary from her toil in the night and has to rest, I will know how
To be in your presence with my head held high;
I'll laugh care freely with you while holding your hand.
I will bridge the gap between us tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll learn to face my fears.
They will no longer enslave me as they do now,
Their shackles will be but decorative ribbons on my head.
I shall trade them for happiness tomorrow,
The happiness that I have for ages longed for,
Happiness that has for so long evaded me because
I rather spend time caring for my murderer.
Tomorrow I will amend ways with happiness and reunite with her.

Tomorrow my love, I will kiss away your pain and dry your eyes,
I will gather all the pieces -which once constituted your loving beautiful heart-
From the floor and bind them together to bring your heart back to life.
I will unsay the things I said and undo the deeds I did that shattered your soul.
Tomorrow I'll take you back to the stars and together, in each other's arms we
Will dance to sweet melodies on the clouds.
When tomorrow comes, I'll come back to your heart and never leave.

After all is said, our tomorrows end up in the distant future,
All our promises expire in the present and never live to see the dawn of another minute,
The tomorrow which we so sincerely laden with wishes and impregnate with promises
Ends up a darker version of today.
If only we would learn to acknowledge tomorrow as an innocent
Young bride waiting to consummate her love with her groom on their wedding night.

© Mr. Mac. 2017.
All rights reserved.


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