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Warning: This post is not for "staunch believers" post may provoke thoughts...

Back in high school, our English teacher came to class one day and told us to write an essay on "why people go to church"...
And then the fuss began... That's such a stupid topic! Duh! Why would people got to church if not to pray? Why does he always have to show himself? I'm not writing this, he can do whatever he wants...

Obviously, my classmates were not buying that idea, it was simply a waste of time to write on church going, he should have said something like "causes of road accidents" and then he would have been a serious teacher, but there he was talking about why people go to church.
I, on my own part couldn't just help but laugh at their "shallow mindedness" ( in my head). Of course it was a beautiful topic to write on! I'd definitely write it. I had no second thoughts on my stance. I was ready to slam those who labelled others "bad"…


What happened to us?
Our sunrise used to be heralded
By cockcrows and the calmness of
Dew drops on leaves.
Our morning sun was big and bright
Accompanied by the sweet serenading
Silence that lingered till She retired.
We used to smile at Her
With eagerness and hope,
We were thankful we had the Sun.
But all that's left of our beautiful
Morning sun now is a dim shadow
Of its former self, decorated by
Scars inflicted on it by the
Ones it loved; the ones whose paths
it once lit.

Our waters no longer bear their
Glittery beauty,
They no longer possess that pure soul
From which we drew life, in which we
Ourselves were purified.
They were calm, confident and trustworthy.
They once carried us safely, caressed
Our wounded bodies when we flew
Into their arms to find solace away
From the world's harsh realities.
What happened to us?

We used to play in the rain together.
We never cared what mother and father had
to say about dangerous spiritual
sea creatures,
We'd still go to th…